Saturday, February 22, 2020

DEC VT102 Terminal (1983)

The VT102 is a variant of the VT100 that includes some of the common options but lacks the expansion slot. The label indicates this unit was made in 1983.

It has an 80 column by 25 line display which is switchable to 132 columns.  The baud rate is selectable from 50 to 19200. In practice I've found baud rates above 4800 to be unreliable when data is coming in steady with no inter-character delay.

VT100 KeyboardVT100 Keyboard (underside)
On the VT102, the indicator lights L1 and L2 indicate CTS and DSR. The bottom of the keyboard has a cheat sheet showing configuration options on the setup screen. The connector is a 1/4" phone plug.

VT102 (rear)VT102 (side)
The rear includes 1/4" phone jack for the keyboard, a BNC connector for external video output, the serial port and a serial printer port are DB25 male, an IEC C14 power socket, fuse holder and power switch.

Photos of the inside
VT102 top shell removedVT102 main logic boardVT102 interior (rear)VT102 CRT and analog boards

VT102 connected to PiDP-11

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